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 iHorseRider 3: "The Haunches"


This is the 3rd app in a series of 6 horse riding/training apps. It is the next step in your training and is the prerequisite to lateral work.

iHorseRider 3: "The Haunches," is a step-by-set comprehensive linear horse training application. It has: 7 exercises, 7 preloaded concept videos, cues/aids, and troubleshooting content that teaches you and your horse how to move the haunches. Also included are animations and visual drawings for further clarity on cues and aids. You will learn to advance and refine the use of the cues and aids that you have learned up to now. 

This app will set you up for more advanced movements found in apps 4-6, all to be released in 2010/11. Follow all six lessons in the series of apps and you will have a finely tuned and finished horse. The exercises in this app include:
1) Haunches-in on rail 1
2) Haunches-in on rail 2
3) Haunches-in a circle 1 
4) Haunches-in a circle 2 
5) Alternating Haunches
6) Hip Shoulder Shoulder 
7) Turn on Forehand

Every rider can benefit from the lessons in this app, and anyone can use it because it is laid out clearly, simply, and in a logical progression. The exercises are expertly written in a well thought out step by step manner and have been tested and successfully used by numerous riders of all disciplines.
Take this app with you to use on the spot while training your horse. It is your syllabus!

It also includes something no other app offers: free online personal help through email or FaceBook. Author Randy Byers will help you work through any “trouble spots“ that you may encounter with your horse while following this program. 

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