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Due to the large amount of content, expect a long D/L..

This mobile app is designed to teach ground work exercises called "Bridle Work" (a John Lyons method). "Bridle Work" will help you teach your horse 8 essential cues from the ground that are needed to ride a horse under saddle. Bridle Work will prepare you and your horse for more advanced maneuvers under saddle like leg-yields, shoulder-in, and half-passes . "Bridle Work" & "Lungeing for Control" are essential ground tools to help you gain control and respect from your horse. 

We will show you through animation, videos, and diagrams how to teach each lesson and exercises. Randy Byers will take you step by step through 8 different body control exercises, with helpful riding tips for both horse and rider. This app is devoted to continuing education. 

This app includes:

"Bridle Work"-Ground
"Lungeing for Control"-- Video future updates
"Advance Leading"-- Video future updates
110 pages of instruction.
**** 24 videos/120 minutes.
150 Images.
Frequent updates for new videos and explanations. 

You will learn:
"Going Forward"
"Following the Nose"
"Disengaging Hips"
"Back Up
"Shoulders Over"
"Pivoting on Hips"
"Side Pass"

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