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The iHorseTrainer

trainer dvd casecrop"iPocketGuide & DVD"

 Has 8 Videos designed to teach ground exercises called “Bridle Work” (a John Lyons method) Bridle Work will help you teach your horse 8 essential cues from the ground that are needed to ride a horse under saddle. It will prepare you and your horse for maneuvers under saddle like leg yields, shoulder-in and half passes. Bridle work is a prerequisite to the ” iHorseRider “ training series which takes you from the first ride to advanced training techniques. The videos in this DVD are the first step in gaining control and respect from your horse...


  1. 1 DVD
  2. a mini 60+ page 4.25x2.5 booklet
  3. cue/aids,
  4. troubleshooting
  5. diagrams
  6. detail explanations of 8 basic exercises.

Each iPocketGuide has been transcribed from the widely popular iPhone apps. 

You will learn these 8 exercises 
  1. Going forward
  2. Softening the head, neck, shoulder, poll, and rib cage
  3. Disengaging haunches
  4. One-rein stop from the ground
  5. One-rein back up
  6. Shoulders over
  7. Turn on the haunches
  8. One-rein side pass 
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Im loving your program. Barely on step 5 on the foundation book and already seeing amazing results. idk why but my mare suddenly stopped cross-firing as much, some days she wont do it at all. Love it.

  Lesiie Bardales

Glad to say i got my second DVD today along with both pocket guides. My favourite part of the whole lot is......Bridle Trick........not a trick at all but the first thing i will teach my 2 year old to accept, fantastic training guides that are going to make me and Little Toby the best we can be. Thanks for providing straight forward easy to understand training that translates from the ground to the saddle so easily......Thank You Randy....bloody brilliant!

  Becky Boyes

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