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iHorseRider iPocket Guide, Lesson I The Foundation

Does your ground work connect and bridge into your riding skills?

dvd case for rider croppediHorseRider iPocket Guide, Lesson I The Foundation is the first book of a series of adaptations taken from the iHorseRider, iPhone applications. It was especially developed for those technically challenged individuals who like the concept of taking the trainer right to the arena. The book includes 12 in depth exercises that take the rider through the first ride to the start of collection, gaining control of shoulders, haunches, forward and stopping. While building a solid foundation on your horse, you will also learn not only how to gain control of your horse’s body parts but WHY it is necessary. The enclosed video goes along with the book to give you a visual to further help you understand how each exercise should look and feel. You will learn the proper use of all cues and aids.

Randy Byers has long been a well kept secret amongst his many clients in the Northwest. Finally a trainer/instructor who doesn't water down training, and holds nothing back in teaching his students to advance with their horses. He is known for his ability to zero in on what each rider needs to become”unstuck” and progress.

His inspirational, innovative, and creative ways of teaching have gained him the respect of many. And now these apps and arena books are a further testimony to his persistence in putting his proven training concepts to work for every horse person.

 Each "iPocketGuide" contains:ipocketguide

  1. 1 DVD
  2.  a mini 60+ page 4.25x2.5 booklet
  3. cue/aids
  4. troubleshooting
  5. diagrams
  6. detail explanations of 8 basic exercises. 

"iHorseRider" "The Foundation" is a riding manual that transitions those 8 essential cues taught from the ground to saddle. 

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Im loving your program. Barely on step 5 on the foundation book and already seeing amazing results. idk why but my mare suddenly stopped cross-firing as much, some days she wont do it at all. Love it.

  Lesiie Bardales

Glad to say i got my second DVD today along with both pocket guides. My favourite part of the whole lot is......Bridle Trick........not a trick at all but the first thing i will teach my 2 year old to accept, fantastic training guides that are going to make me and Little Toby the best we can be. Thanks for providing straight forward easy to understand training that translates from the ground to the saddle so easily......Thank You Randy....bloody brilliant!

  Becky Boyes

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