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Steps 1 & 2 (Ground & Foundation)
Teacher: Randy
Released: 05-16-2012
Level: Beginner
Table of Contents
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Step 1 Ground Work (Bridle Cues)
Step 2 Foundation (Transition to the Saddle)
Get access to all the tutorials in the course now!  
This is the beginning of your future Western Dressage Bridle Horse. Randy Byers has simplified and broken down all the fundamentals of dressage movements so anyone can effectively succeed if they put effort into it.
Step #1 is a ground course that helps you break down 8 essentials riding cues that you can teach from the ground first.
Step #2 is how you transition those ground cues to riding under saddle.
This online program includes:
  1. 24 lessons
  2. Videos
  3. Diagrams
  4. Animation
  5. The needed cues
  1. The needed aids
  2. The prerequisites
  3. Troubleshooting 
  4. Success tips to help you succeed.
1 Year: $ 24.99
6 Months: $ 14.99

10 steps of my mission: 

  1. To simplify Western Dressage concepts and methods to help you to become more effective with your horse.
  2. To teach you the “How” and “Why” of movements and exercises so you can ride independently and effectively.
  3. To give you a clear, consistent, step-by-step, non technical, uncomplicated road-map to follow.
  4. To break down concepts into bite-sized, understandable pieces.
  5. To teach and clarify how your aids influence your horse.
  6. To teach and clarify how to “test” if your work is correct.
  7. To teach and clarify the aids for every movement and exercise.
  8. To teach you how to structure a ride and prioritize what to work on.
  9. To teach you how to eliminate resistance and develop softness instead.
  10. To teach and clarify how to ride Western Dressage tests. 

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Steps 1 & 2 (Ground & Foundation) 05-16-2012
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