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I Want to Buy a Dressage Horse!

I want to buy a dressage horse
I can so relate to this.. LOL

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Written on 09/07/2012, 11:15 by admin
the-truth-is-in-the-horse“Let's be perfectly frank and honest with ourselves regarding our relationship with any horse.  When you finish your ride and you get down from the saddle, it isn't the people who watched you ride, the officials at some event or exhibition who have any right to judge you. The real thing that...
Written on 05/07/2012, 12:49 by admin
i-want-to-buy-a-dressage-horseI can so relate to this.. LOL
Written on 03/07/2012, 15:05 by admin
letter-from-moshi-by-jane-sovoie I love this article by Jane Savoie, I think you will too. This is an unauthorized reprint, all rights and appreciation goes to Jane Savoie. There are strong leaders, passive leaders, dictators, feckless guides, and bullies. What kind of leader are you?Horses appreciate a good leader. We may...
Written on 28/06/2012, 20:36 by admin
it-works What value does Western Dressage bring to the table?Have you ever had one of those days when you had an eye opening moment? Last month when I was coaching Cheryl Haaren at a Western Dressage show, I heard Cheryl say, "It really works!"What prompted that expression of joy? First, you need to...
Written on 28/06/2012, 20:30 by admin
welcome-to-summer Welcome to  Summer, "yeah right!" Not here in the Northwest. I hope all is going well in your world.Sorry, I have not been in touch with you guys with more newsletters, but I have been extremely busy with Carbon, clients showing, and building training material to help with Western...
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