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The Oregon Morgan Classic Show

oregon classic flyer fancySign up form here: Randy Byers Horsemanship is pleased to announce that the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon has opened their Western Dressage Classes to all breeds. This means that the Western Dressage Division of the show is open to QH, Appys, Arabs, etc. There will be three classes offered for $30 per class. Entries need to be mailed in and postmarked by June 30th, 2012 

Why should you attend? Have you ever wanted a second opinion or a second set of eyes to see how you and your horse are doing? Many people do not realize that a Dressage show is not merely a place to win ribbons and show off your horse. At a Dressage show, you are competing against yourself and seeing how you have improved your skills from the last time you were tested. A Dressage test is not about who has the prettiest horse. It is about how well you have developed your horse. The award that you may receive is the satisfaction that you either need to pat yourself on the back for your hard work ,or you need to go home and work on stuff.

As a western rider, I was always a little skeptical regarding the subjective nature of Dressage judging. After all, what does a Dressage judge know about my western horse? I also did not know anything about the Dressage court and how the letters were arranged. I had some fear that I would be laughed at by all the fancy English riders. I showed up to a dressage show with a western horse in western tack with a cowboy hat. You could hear my spurs that chimed for miles with every step I took. I was quite the sight to behold walking amongst a herd of English riders and horses. After a few shows, I started to realized how helpful the judges were in looking subjectively at my horse. I was surprised just how complimentary they were and added some validation to my thinking. Now that I have about 3 months of testing, I have seen a big difference in how I ride Carbon and other client's horses.

With that all said, I encourage you to get off the couch and join us for a little trip to Salem, OR.  for a great time. Below is a video to show you how easy riding a test can be.
You do not have to ask if Randy Byers and Carbon will be there, that is a given.