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Where is Randy?

Carbons headband After 7 months on the road and 18,500 miles I am back home in Yelm Washington. The "2011 No Excuses Tour" is now over and I am glad to be home.

Back in May, I was heading out to Minnesota for an expo and few clinics. Originally I had only planned to be gone a few weeks, then it turned into a few months. It has been quite the adventure.

Where can you find baseball size hail, blood sucking flies, tornadoes, and fireflies? Yes, the Midwest. Wow what a change in geography. They replaced all the mountains with corn fields.

I was hopping to get out of the rain and get better weather in the Midwest, boy was I wrong. They had the same wet weather as we did in Seattle; the corn fields were lakes. Now I know why they call it the state of a 10,000 lakes.

Here are a few pictures of my 7 month tour. For more highlights, check out the newsletter coming out next month.