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Welcome to Signature Western Horses

SignatureHorsesScreenShotWelcome to  "2013" Signature Horses!

Randy Byers Horsemanship is proudly introducing a line of foundation AQHA registered horses for Western Dressage called "Signature Western Horses". It has been said that Dressage principles will help any western horse. What is more western than an AQHA horse?
The Concept:
For the last 10 years Randy has been a real innovator in the equine world with his iPhone apps and Online University. Now Randy is building the next generation of western horses with his own style of horsemanship from the ground up. The concept of "Signature Western Horses" is to use quality breeding and Classical training principles to develop western horses that move more naturally and correctly. Randy has teamed up with a breeder in Texas just outside of Houston that has some of the most top bred foundation AQHA registered horses in the Western Pleasure world. With over 350 horses to choose from, Randy is hand selecting horses that will be well suited for Western Dressage, Western Pleasure, and Trail.

Monthly Updates:
If you are interested in quality western horses, keep an eye on this section of the website. Currently there are 10 horses listed. We will be adding more horses along with postings of their achievements and video.

The Broodmares:
The breeder firmly believes in producing conformationally correct Western Horses with the quality of movement, intelligence, and train-ability. The goal of the breeding and training program is to produce world class "Western Horses". The broodmare band includes Congress winners, superior pleasure horses and producers. The mares include daughters of: BLAZING HOTDOCS HOTRODDERZIPPO PINE BARDOC BARTHREE BARSZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIPRADICAL RODDERZIPPOS MR GOOD BAR

The sires: