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Maine Affords a New Opportunity 8/20/13

MorganChampionship2Wow! what a busy month. We where on the road for over a week attending two back to back shows at two different locations earlier in the month. One minute I am riding Carbon over at the Mount Holyoke collage in South HadleyMassachusetts doing Working Equitation, next showing at Try-county fairgrounds a Morgan mare and now we are at the Mass Morgan show in Springfield Ma. 

About a year ago I was sitting in the Northwest watching Carbon frolicking in the grassy fields of Yelm Washington and now I am on the other side of the continent watching biting flies frolicking on Carbon. Maine is a beautiful state like Washington, but I am not liking the bugs, and I'm pretty leery about the cold winters. One of the things that I have noticed is that there are Dunkin Donuts and pizza joints on a every corner.. The NW has its Starbucks, Texas has Hooters, and the NE has it's Dunkin Donuts, go figure

What am I doing in Maine? Missing Texas and Catch-riding Morgans. I would like you to meet Maidie, she is a 12 year old Morgan mare. She was trained about 5 years ago for Western Pleasure by another trainer. She has a great disposition and broke to death, but she just does not have that "body-type" that the judges reward in the WP show ring.  I also like my horses to carry their poll at the highest point, not broken at the 3rd or 4th vertebrae.   I found out that the WP judges don't seem to like the poll at the highest point, all the other horses broken at L3-4 beat us.  They also trot a lot slower than we did so my method of "forward first" is a little better fit for Morgan WP than it was for QH WP but still not good enough to win. 

The owners tried to find a good job for Madie by showing her. Not only did she fail at WP, she also failed in Country, Park horse, Driving, and finally English with no success. Maidie needed a new job and WD is perfect for her. There are many horses like Maidie that have talent, but do not have a discipline to show in. Western Dressage is a perfect sport for a horse that moves more freely forward with rhythm and carries its poll at the highest point.MassMorganline

After riding her for about 5 weeks, we decided to show her in western dressage at the Massachusetts Morgan show. Not only did she win a championship and a reserve championship, but she won the dressage show high score. That makes two reserve championships and one championship she won with me in the last month at two different well attended Morgan shows with "R" Dressage judges. 

Many people complain that Dressage shows are all about riding for ribbons. For me, that is not the case. I have learned a wealth of knowledge of horsemanship that I would have never learned; this is a direct result of these shows. What made this show really special is that I was not riding Carbon. You see, Carbon is a QH and does not fit the mold of pushing peanuts nor does he like the attitude of the snobish fancy dressage horses. Now that we found a new job for Carbon, he has been a rockstar in Western Dressage and now Working Equitation for the last few years. Also,I have not had the opportunity to prove whether his abilities was the talent of himself or my method that I incorporate. This show proved to me that both the talent of the rider and the horse are tested to be sound in judgement with no exception. 

Another mission accomplished, thanks for the ride Maidie!  Well Carbon, I don't want to see snow any more than you do.  Let's go to North Carolina and see what we can find.