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A little fun showing Western Pleasure Arabs. 

SA-El-Tariq 01aAs you can see by the picture below, I have been spending a lot of time this year with Arabian horses. Although I have been working mainly with Arabs, I still work with other breeds. The summer is winding down and as people getting their horses out and riding them more and more, that perfect horse may

develop unwanted habits or behaviors that are less desirable. With the high price of fuel and feed prices to care for horse, it is sometimes hard to put forth cash to get your horse where you may want him to be.

This is why in the month of August / September I will be offering an opportunity to get free help with your horse in a quiet low key atmosphere. During these months, I will be offering my knowledge and time to help those that ask for help without a buy-one-get-on or any catch". Anything goes, I will spend up to one hour at no charge to work with you or your horse. I will take first come first serve up to two people at a time. Call or email to presign-up. The venue will be held in a 80x175 covered arena at Serenity Farms in Yelm Wa. at 17002 Railway rd. from 8am to 8pm 1 day is really not enough time to get a horse trained for long term improvement, but this will give you advice and a direction to go.

I will also be offering a 3 month training package. If you pay for 2 months you will get the third month at no cost "excluding board"