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Pin Oak Charity Show 2014

We are off to a good start in 2014. After five months in North Carolina, Carbon and I decided to take off and go to Houston Texas to compete at a another WE show sponsored by Haras Dos Cavaleiros, but first we had a few stops to make.  

Our plan was to leave March 7 from Durham NC and drive to Flat Creek Ranch in Hogansville, Georgia where we would lay over a few days and conduct a Working Equitation clinic. After the clinic, we took off to Haras in Magnolia TX to audit a WE judging clinic conducted by Claudia Elsner Matos from Portugal. Claudia is one of the foremost judges in Europe and does a great job educating folks on proper movements in WE. I received a lot of great insight to help improve my knowledge and I am very appreciative of Haras's dedication and supporting of WE.

While we were waiting around for the competition in Cyprus TX, Jayne Lloyd at Snowdonia Farm in Tomball TX was gracious enough to allow us to stay and give a few WE demonstrations and lessons. Jayne is a great horseman and has a deep passion for all equine sports. I would like to give her and her staff a big thank you for their hospitality.

PinOakEOHNow for the competition. Like always, there is a lot of waiting around at these events. We arrived at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center a few days early to hang out so I could school Carbon in a new environment. He was a good boy, but he has had too much time off with all the bad weather we have had in NC this winter. He just was not hooked up like I wanted him to be. I decided to have fun and ride what I had regardless of the warm up. 

Day one, the dressage test, OMG he loped in like a rock star. He was hooked up and felt like a million bucks. We were like dance partners until I went off pattern. He felt so good that I walked right passed the second walk pirouette and started the loping part of the test. I was dumbfounded that I forgot the pirouette; the rest of the test did not go any better. I can't blame Carbon, he did exactly as I asked.

Day 2, EOH / Speed. I spent the whole night studying the course. I did not want to make any course mistakes because I was sitting in 4th place because of the dressage test, Again Carbon came out like a rock star. He was on the money on the first obstacle (figure 8), but I was over thinking the course and loped right past the bridge (obstacle 2) I set myself up perfectly for the clover leaf (obstacle 3) when the bell rang. I had gone over the course too many times in my head and totally blew off the bridge. At that point it was all in vain. I spent the next week in total denial. I was devastated because I never made it past the second obstacle. I let both of us down. It was a shame that I could not show off how far we have come. I was determined to show off how this QH had just as much potential as the fancy horses. I am still sad and kicking myself..

Speed, by this time the game was over and the speed trial was not much better.. Again Carbon was not to blame, I beat myself, but he was a rock star.. 

I want to give a big thanks to the Pin Oak folks, Haras Dos Cavaleiros, and all the folks that have been supporting WE.. Great job, y'all did a supper job and great hospitality..