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WD Clinic in Tarpley TX 3/30/14

Yes that is a mule!!  Yes mules can learn Western Dressage too!!

I want to give a big thank you to Jody Campbell at Horseshoe Ranch in Tarpley, TX for giving us an opportunity to spread the word in this remote part of Texas. Xoxo to Carbon, the mules, and all the horses and riders.

Carbon and I spent a full week in Tarpley. We gave two clinics, and a handful of lessons through out the week. What did these participants learn in this clinic? To succeed at Western Dressage, you really need to step up your game and understand the aids and how they affect the horse's movements. I am convinced that the seat bone is the most misunderstood aid. Most folks do not realize that the seat bone has the biggest influence over the shoulders of the horse more than any other aid. Your seat bone can either slow or speed up the shoulders in lateral movement hence controlling a big portion of how the horse moves laterally.

CarbonPedastoolWhat makes a Western Dressage or a Working Equitation clinic successful for a participant? Many clinicians will be flown in as far as Portugal to do a riding clinic. No doubt many of them give great instruction, but the best instructor is the clinician's demonstration horse not the clinician himself.

Ask yourself when was the last time you rode your trainer, instructor, or clinician's horse to understand the feel not the talk of the movement. Nothing can take place of the feel, regardless of the accent or the experience of a national or international instructor.

gaweclinic42I am very thankful to have such a wonderful partner like Carbon. My biggest asset is having Carbon as the instructor while I interpret what he says. When he is with me at clinics, I allow folks to ride him to see what it feels like to move body parts around like walking on ice.  In a very short amount of time, Carbon can show how each aid or combinations of aids can affect different body parts on his body. This has proven to be the most effective way to train folks without fustration. How can you not love this boy. He has so much heart and try. Any time you want to step up your expectations, just ask us to come and visit. Okay Carbon get off your soap box now!!

If you are ready to raise your expectations and go beyond the one-rein stop, come and join the folks that have excelled at one of Randy Byers clinics. 

Here are two comments by two of the participants:

Dianne wrote: "Thank you Horseshoe RanchRandy Byers for another day of training. Everyone had a great time & enjoyed the beautiful weather, the amazing hospitality and the expert instruction. Once again, my brain is fried!

Jody wrote: "I am so thankful we had some wonderful participants in our western dressage clinics in Tarpley Texas this week. We do not see very many mules participate in regular dressage so it is nice to see them working on advance movements through western dressage." 

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