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Bolero Pin Oak 2015

Who is this stunning appaloosa?

Off and on for the last year I have been helping Karen Brewer with her pride and joy Balero. Balero is a half appaloosa and half Andalusian making him an Appalusian gelding. As you can imagine, he gets a lot of comments and looks. This time last year Karen watch Carbon and I ride this new sport called Working Equitation  in Katy TX at Pin Oak Charity show. She knew with a little hard work she and Balero could have a lot of fun.

A few months ago Karen asked me if I would ride Balero at the novice level at the 2015 Pin Oak Show. Well you do not have to ask me twice. The problem with the novice level is it is a huge class. I was grateful to have the opportunity to ride such a promising horse. I think this little guy has some potential. Balero showed me some brilliant moments. He showed lots of talent and courage. Keep an eye on this guy next year, he is a real looker. I look forward to riding him again in the near future.

I can't take all of the credit. Karen has done a great job schooling him through all of the obstacles. I was really pleased with his willingness to negotiate the obstacles. She truly has done her homework. 

I would like to give a special thanks to all the folks that worked so hard to make this show a success. 
Carmina Zamorano
Rafael Chavez Monzon of Haras dos Cavaleiros.
Bruce W. Menke
Linda Graham

Beth Snider
Patty Carlson