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Another Mile, Another Memory! 7/4/13

Where does the time go?  Its already nearly 3 months since I left Texas for a new opportunity in Maine.  Notice the date I started this article.  It is now October 3.  Guess I got busy. I'll use these next few articles to bring you guys up to speed.    

As always, it's been a wild ride!   For every closing door there is a new door opining. In June I packed up Carbon and headed to New England for some new opportunities. I am really going to miss Texas, everything really is bigger there!

Have you ever heard the old saying "Good Horsemanship is Good Horsemanship!" What does that phrase really mean?

To me that phrase is supposed to mean that "the truth is in the horse" and that ALL horse folks should recognize good horsemanship through the horse's behavior.  Many of us could dismiss this statement as truth and go on with our lives, but I have learned that this phrase has very little to do with proper horsemanship. Let me explain: 

Look at the picture to the left. This is a 12yr old Western Pleasure Morgan mare named Maidie. She is broke to death and has a wonderful disposition. On July 22-27 I had the pleasure of showing Maidie at The New England Morgan Horse Show held at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Northampton, Massachusetts where I won a reserve regional championship in Western Dressage. So what is the issue? You would think that if a horse won a prize like this that folks would recognize good training or good horsemanship. Sadly that is not always the case. Two different people could look at this horse and say, that is NOT good horsemanship for completely different reasons.

Abuse1Abuse3For the last six months, I have been working at a 400 horse Western Pleasure Quarter Horse breeding farm in Hempstead Texas. My job was primarily to start (not finish) western pleasure QH. Many of the horses were around 3 and 4 years old that had never been ridden. I also had the opportunity to halter break more than 40 babies. Over the years I have incorporating methods from John Lyons, Clinton Anderson, Pat Parrelli, Jane Savoie as well as using styles like Spanish and Portuguese classical dressage.  I have learned from many people that practice "good horsemanship".  But what is "good horsemanship" to a Morgan Western Dressage or Western Pleasure judge was sure not "good horsesmanship"  to the Quarter Horse Western Pleasure trainer I was working for in Texas!  My "forward first" method of teaching self carriage was not appreciated there.  Over the six months that I was there, I witness many cases of horse abuse firsthand by the other resident WP trainer using twisted wire to the point of putting big bleeding sores in the corners of the horses mouths and tying them up overnight without food or water... all in the name of getting those noses in the dirt and the more on the forehand, the better. I was sadden only to learn the the owner turned a blind eye to the abuse after her staff repeatedly warnd her of the abuse. I heard hear saying, and I quote "you got to do what it takes to win." We did not see eye to eye and I could not tolerate anymore abuse by this mass Quarter Horse breeding farm.

TXsittingAfter I had started over 30 horses for this ranch, the owner started to worry that using classical principles would somehow interfere with the correct and proper stock horse pleasure training.  As you can see by the picture, a Morgan pleasure horse moves very different than a QH. It's my belief that you can start both breeds the same way (classical principles) and finish them in a different way and still have a blue ribbon hanging on the wall.   

The moral of the story is that birds of a feather flock together. "Good horsemanship" is only good with like minded people and does not transcend disciplines. What is "good horsemanship" for dressage folks does not give it a free pass for western folks.

Even though I loved Texas and loved the babies I was working with, I could see the writing on the wall. I will not compromise my integrity to what I believe "good horsemanship" is for the sake of someone's else's ego to win at all cost, so Carbon and I were off again searching for like-minded people.

After another 2,000 miles and countless telephone poles, we arrived in Lebanon Maine at a Morgan breeding farm (hence the championship picture). With me, change is always a good thing because it affords me new opportunities and new friendships. 

Stay tuned,  my next blog will tell the story of Maidie and our journey to Massachusettes Morgan regional competition.
RBH 9029 copy 2

ERAHC VA Classic Horse show Warm up for the US Nationals 9/1/13

Have you ever had a time in your life that nothing seem to go your way. Every turn something would smacked you up side your head? Boy I know the feeling, but for the last year things seem to be going my way for once. When a door slams shut hard in your face it is not hard to feel defeated, but for me lately, when a door shuts a new and better one opens. That is the case with my trip to North Carolina from Maine.

But first I would like to give another big thank you to the folks at ERAHC.  This is my second time playing pony rides with these folks and I just do not know how they keep from going crazy. They are so dedicated and self sacrificing without any selfishness. They truly are the real deal full passion and dedication. Y'all have earn my respect and support without prejudice. 

A few months ago when I was in Texas, I learned about this new sport called Working Equitation. After Carbon and I attended our first WE school show near Austin, I knew then that I wanted to ride against the best in the US at a USA national show at the end of 2013 season. I knew I needed experience first. I was looking for any way I could gain WE game time to get ready. Then WHAM!!  When the dust settled from some barn drama, my proverbial door shuts and I am left picking up pieces of my life again. No worries..WE-EOH

Then, next thing I knew, the door opens and I was showing Carbon at the Lusitano show with open WE classes in MA. It is funny how funny things work out sometimes, but that is not all..  Now that I am the New England WE regional champion, there is another opportunity to travel down to VA. and become the East Coast Regional Champion. Now the question is how do I make this work?

I knew I did not want to be in Maine anymore, so just about 150 miles south of Lexington VA was a nice little facility in North Carolina that Carbon and I can get ready for the VA Classic.

Well the rest is now history, do I need to tell you how it ended? 

I have a surprise coming soon, yes, a video. As of the date of this blog, I have not seen it, but as soon as I edit it, I will post it.

Now for big news, Carbon and I are heading to Ft Worth to play with the fancy Spanish horses at the US A/L Nationals. The games start on Oct 15-16. come and see us ride.


The New Year 2013

Looks like we have ridden 2012 into the sunset. Wow! What a year it was for Carbon and I! How was 2012 for you? If you are interested, I will fill you in on how this year went for us.

At the beginning of the year, I realized I needed to get experience showing in Western Dressage shows. I made a resolution to get out and show Carbon. For the second year in a row Carbon and I traveled quite-a-few miles across the States. I have to say, I am very proud of Carbon, he did well both in traveling and at the shows.

What? We have to move?
Toward the middle of the year we found ourselves looking for a new facility as the one we were at (in Yelm) changed ownership. At first we were a little sad, but then we realized that this opened up a whole new set of opportunities.  You just do not know where life is going to lead you.

Dallas Texas Bound:
Wow! Texas is horse country! After a few weeks of searching the Internet, we found a nice opportunity to work young warmbloods in Rockwall, Texas. Carbon and I packed our bags and headed for Dallas where we went from cold rain to 104deg weather in three days. What a change. While we were in Dallas, we took opportunities to ride in WD schooling shows where we met lots of new folks in the Dressage world.  After spending a few months in Rockwall I decided it was time to move on and quickly found a new opportunity 4 hours away.

Houston Texas Bound:
WOW 300+ horses! I am happy to say I am back to working 15+ horses daily. Shelby (my groom) is doing a great job looking after the horses and keeping me busy in the arena all day. I am now working with top bred foundation AQHA Quarter Horses. Most of them have won numerous world titles in pleasure. Over the years, I have been mostly training horses that came from sales barns or were home grown. I am thoroughly enjoying working with very high-quality horses that are bred for temperament, conformation, and trainability. Soon, I will be offering them for sale on my new  "Signature Horses" page here on the website. 

In line with keeping it simple, there were a lot of other things that happened throughout the year, but you will just have to read in between the lines.

On a final note, on Dec 17th 2012 my father passed away from complications of MDS, He was 78 and had a full life with no regrets. 

Have a great New Year and we hope to see y'all soon.
Randy & Carbon


Welcome to Signature Western Horses

Welcome to  "2013" Signature Horses!

Randy Byers Horsemanship is proudly introducing a line of foundation AQHA registered horses for Western Dressage called "Signature Western Horses". It has been said that Dressage principles will help any western horse. What is more western than an AQHA horse?
The Concept:
For the last 10 years Randy has been a real innovator in the equine world with his iPhone apps and Online University. Now Randy is building the next generation of western horses with his own style of horsemanship from the ground up. The concept of "Signature Western Horses" is to use quality breeding and Classical training principles to develop western horses that move more naturally and correctly. Randy has teamed up with a breeder in Texas just outside of Houston that has some of the most top bred foundation AQHA registered horses in the Western Pleasure world. With over 350 horses to choose from, Randy is hand selecting horses that will be well suited for Western Dressage, Western Pleasure, and Trail.

Monthly Updates:
If you are interested in quality western horses, keep an eye on this section of the website. Currently there are 10 horses listed. We will be adding more horses along with postings of their achievements and video.

The Broodmares:
The breeder firmly believes in producing conformationally correct Western Horses with the quality of movement, intelligence, and train-ability. The goal of the breeding and training program is to produce world class "Western Horses". The broodmare band includes Congress winners, superior pleasure horses and producers. The mares include daughters of: BLAZING HOTDOCS HOTRODDERZIPPO PINE BARDOC BARTHREE BARSZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIPRADICAL RODDERZIPPOS MR GOOD BAR


What is Western Dressage?

We just came back from our 10th show this year. This was our first time riding at Las Colinas in Irvine,TX. Nice facility!. I would like to give a big Thank You! to Dallas Dressage Club (DDC), I was  impressed with Leslie Heltzen and Doreen Simonsen Cutts for managing the show office, Alecia Box Daniel for coordinating the volunteers, and last but not least Clare Morrow for judging Carbon and I. Great job ladies! I am so happy that these folks were so hospitable and made available Western classes. This was a fairly large show with just under 70 tests ridden in two arenas.

Carbon was in good form as always. Carbon took home 3 more blues making it a grand total of 23 for the year. Carbon also took home a Grand Champion ribbon (Show high point), that was not his first nor hopefully will it be his last. That is now 4 Grand Champions for this show season. I love my boy toy.. what a big heart he has!

What is Western Dressage? This question has been asked a million times. Simply put! It is right before your eyes "It is what Carbon & I are doing!!!" Testing is part of the process of Western Dressage! Bottom line!

Over the last year, I have read a lot of postings on the Internet about what people think WD should be. Right now there are two groups of folks that are involved with WD. Those that take tests to validate their knowledge and improve their horsemanship through a systematic step-by-step, linear tracking system, and the ones that do not take tests. Do you need to take a test to have good horsemanship? Absolutely not! But testing is part of the learning process.

"Where do you go to find a qualified Western Dressage coach, instructor, or trainer? The answer is simple! You need to look for two things:"

Let me ask you this question. Would you take your child to a school or a doctors office that had teachers or doctors that were "NOT" board certified and educated?
I am sure some of you would to save money, but these educators or doctors that have not been tested and passed tests are not qualified to practice in their field. Anyone can go to a Junior College and hang a certificate of completion and call themselves a professional. Right now there is a system in place to test if a Western Dressage educator is qualified to teach Western Dressage. Look for these two basic qualifications.

First, As of today's date, there are schooling shows all across the USA. Many of these shows have qualified judges that are trained and certified to understand what to look for in a horse. These trained judges validate the coach, instructor, or trainers set of skills through their horse by testing. There are simply no excuses why a good coach, instructor or trainer that is accomplished would not be tested. Before you turn your horse over to anyone, look at their test scores if they have any.

Second, Look at their horse. Do they have a demo horse that you can look at or ride? How can you ever know if you are on the right track if you can't see or feel what you need to achieve success? Has that horse been tested? The truth is always in the horse's eyes and movement. Is that a horse you want to ride? Do they have any educational material like: books, DVDs, Smart phone apps, or any type of training information that you can take home and look at on off times? Do they have a syllabus to follow? Can they explain the step-by-step process of your development? Do they have a road map laid out for you?

My goal has always been to educate horsemen and bridge the gap between Western and English. To be an inspiration to all horsemen alike, I needed credibility. Talk was cheap and ineffective, it was not enough to inspire people. I needed something more to win over the hearts of people. Why did I start showing?
 When I started to get criticized for talking and not putting my words in to action is when I started to take action. Now that I did not need to wear breeches and use English tack I took action. I set out on a quest, I wanted to prove to myself that a Western guy could build a competitive English Dressage horse wearing wranglers, a cowboy hat, while riding in a western saddle one handed. Purely by accident there was a secondary result. We started to win show high scores. I was just happy to prove that my beloved QH gelding could score well with Dressage Judges. As you can see, Carbon enjoys his job and I am having fun!

I think what I am doing is bigger than my ego. The English community has been a source of encouragement and an inspiration to me. I just hope that one day I can return the favor. I would like to think that I am inspiring Western folks to come out of hiding and show that you too can build a competitive Dressage horse with Western tack. I know that a  Western horse can go as well as any of the English horses. 

I urge you English and Western folks to put down your pride and ego to let me inspire you to succeed. If you are not getting scores in the 70s, ask yourself what am I doing different than you? I not only receive scores in the 70s, but why am I scoring the highest score of the show?

Carbon and I hope to see you down Center-line.
Written on 03/11/2015, 17:42 by admin
haras-cup-2015Wow!! The Haras folks know how to put on a show! And I thought Vagas was a hoot. Many of you have been asking to see some new videos of Lisa riding Carbon and me riding Solferino. I finally have some new videos of the speed phases thanks to Kevin Kidder...
Written on 12/10/2015, 18:27 by admin
andalusian-world-cup-2015"Wow what a show!!" In my book, up to this point this is the best horse show I have ever been to.  What made this show special? Before I share with y'all, I would like to give thanks to the folks that made it happen. The producers Amber Lentz,...
Written on 11/10/2015, 17:55 by admin
solferino-feudal-viii-dam-is-coqueta-akIf you have been searching for a well-trained, kind, talented PRE gelding ... you just found him. Solferino came to me about 12 months ago because he needed some on-the-job training. Many of you know that I am a big supporter of Classical dressage as it...
Written on 02/05/2015, 23:19 by admin
we-in-giddings-tx"The Keys to Success" "Luck?" You gotta love it here in the Northwestern Houston area, another beautiful day here in Texas. Just think 12 hours ago a strong frontal band of showers came through causing flash floods, lighting, thunder, and...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:21 by admin
boleroWho is this stunning appaloosa? Off and on for the last year I have been helping Karen Brewer with her pride and joy Balero. Balero is a half appaloosa and half Andalusian making him an Appalusian gelding. As you can imagine, he gets a lot of...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:18 by admin
carbon-lisa"Horses will go to the level of the rider!” What an interesting statement. I first heard this concept when I was getting my certification with Josh Lyons in 2007. By the 12th week working with Josh in Colorado, he purchased two finished reining horses...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:13 by admin
solferino-tor-pin-oak-2015Simple or flying lead changes, which would you choose?  What valuable lesson did I learn at this year's Pin Oak show? Working equitation is a very dynamic sport and is very technical. No matter how well you think you have prepared your...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:04 by admin
pin-oak-2015-working-equitation As I always say, “another mile, another memory." Why was this event so special this year? Let me count the ways. I approach this event with many objectives. First, I had to redeem myself from last years disaster, so it was important to...
Written on 23/02/2015, 22:56 by admin
highlander-ranch-schooling-showOver the years I have said that horses speak the truth through their actions and can’t lie. Carbon is the instructor and I am his caregiver. Over the last five years I have competed with Carbon all over the USA. We have met lots of nice folks...
Written on 01/11/2014, 22:51 by admin
haras-cup-2014Wow! What an awesome time this was. I just love this sport. This was a first class event if there ever was one. I want to give a big thank you to Rafael Chavez and Carmina Zamorano for having the vision and the resources to make dreams...
Written on 01/10/2014, 20:00 by admin
andalusian-world-cup-2014Are you kidding me? Who would not take advantage of competing in Las Vegas if they had half the chance? It has been years since I was last in Vegas, so as soon as I learned that there was a Working Equitation competition, I was all over it.This event had...
Written on 04/04/2014, 13:47 by admin
wd-clinic-in-tarpley-tx Yes that is a mule!!  Yes mules can learn Western Dressage too!! I want to give a big thank you to Jody Campbell at Horseshoe Ranch in Tarpley, TX for giving us an opportunity to spread the word in this remote part of Texas....
Written on 21/03/2014, 14:51 by admin
pin-oak We are off to a good start in 2014. After five months in North Carolina, Carbon and I decided to take off and go to Houston Texas to compete at a another WE show sponsored by Haras Dos Cavaleiros, but first we had a few stops to make.   Our...
Written on 10/03/2014, 17:41 by admin
working-equitation-clinic-ga-3-8-14 It is so refreshing to see folks raising their expectations. I want to give a big thank you to Joan Molyneaux Keegan at Flat Creek Ranch Inc. for hosting an awesome two day working equitation clinic. Carbon is such a good...
Written on 09/11/2013, 22:36 by admin
working-equitation-ialha-usa-nationals-eoh The Journey to a USA National Working Equitation Championship Nothing like a little adversity to build character I always say. "We all know the toughest journeys have the sweetest rewards."~Patty Carlson. Well said Patty because the journey was a...
Written on 04/11/2013, 18:28 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-working-equitation-speedW.E. Third Phase "Speed" On Labor day weekend 2013 Carbon and I had the opportunity to drive up to Lexington Virginia from North Carolina to attend the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club's (ERAHC) annual Classic horse breed show. You may ask why would...
Written on 30/10/2013, 19:23 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-working-equitation-ease-of-handlingW.E. Second Phase "Ease Of Handling" (EOH) On Labor day weekend 2013 Carbon and I had the opportunity to drive up to Lexington Virginia from North Carolina to attend the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club's (ERAHC) annual Classic horse breed show. You...
Written on 29/10/2013, 17:50 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-working-equitation-dressage-phase W.E. First Phase (Dressage) On Labor day weekend 2013 Carbon and I had the opportunity to drive up to Lexington Virginia from North Carolina to attend the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club's (ERAHC) annual Classic horse breed show. You may ask...
Written on 02/09/2013, 23:07 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-9-1-13Have you ever had a time in your life that nothing seem to go your way. Every turn something would smacked you up side your head? Boy I know the feeling, but for the last year things seem to be going my way for once. When a door slams shut hard in your...
Written on 18/08/2013, 22:26 by admin
maine-affords-a-new-opportunityWow! what a busy month. We where on the road for over a week attending two back to back shows at two different locations earlier in the month. One minute I am riding Carbon over at the Mount Holyoke collage in South...
Written on 08/07/2013, 23:07 by admin
working-equitation-in-new-englandIn my last blog I told you that Carbon and I were heading up to Maine to work with a Morgan named Maidie. So what else did I do up in New England? I got hooked on a new sport called working equitation. It was crazy;  I was working two different...
Written on 08/07/2013, 13:14 by admin
another-mile-another-memory Where does the time go?  Its already nearly 3 months since I left Texas for a new opportunity in Maine.  Notice the date I started this article.  It is now October 3.  Guess I got busy. I'll use these next few articles to bring you...
Written on 31/12/2012, 22:45 by admin
welcome-to-signature-horsesWelcome to  "2013" Signature Horses! Randy Byers Horsemanship is proudly introducing a line of foundation AQHA registered horses for Western Dressage called "Signature Western Horses". It has been said that Dressage principles will help...
Written on 31/12/2012, 20:37 by admin
the-new-year-2013Looks like we have ridden 2012 into the sunset. Wow! What a year it was for Carbon and I! How was 2012 for you? If you are interested, I will fill you in on how this year went for us.At the beginning of the year, I realized I needed to get experience...
Written on 21/10/2012, 10:39 by admin
what-is-western-dressageWe just came back from our 10th show this year. This was our first time riding at Las Colinas in Irvine,TX. Nice facility!. I would like to give a big Thank You! to Dallas Dressage Club (DDC), I was  impressed with Leslie Heltzen and Doreen Simonsen...
Written on 14/10/2012, 15:25 by admin
what-does-show-high-score-really-mean First, I want to give a big Thank You!  to Jackie and Lisa Blackmon for hosting and adding Western Classes to their Fall Series Dressage Shows. This is the second show that Carbon and I attended at Black Star Sport Horse. The Blackmons are...
Written on 23/09/2012, 19:46 by admin
fairfield-fall-dressage-show-denton-tx It is now the second day of fall, September 23, 2012. In Northern Texas you can feel it in the air. In the late afternoon, it's still in the 90s, but the mornings are worth waking up to. I would like to give a big thank you to: Gail Wheat...
Written on 01/09/2012, 20:57 by admin
high-point-at-black-starWow, what a hot, muggy day! It was only in the mid 90's, but it felt like 100. I had to change my shirt 3 times. Poor Carbon is shedding again because his Washington summer coat is too hot for Texas.First, I want to give a big Thank...
Written on 27/08/2012, 18:00 by admin
Written on 27/08/2012, 17:01 by admin
carbon-loves-austin-texas I want to give a big thank you to Clare Salmon-Morrow (judge), Erica Culmann (mini show manager), Houston Jones (Carbon's personal groom), Tina Zehnder (president of Central Texas Dressage Society), and Silver Hill Stables, You ladies did a great...
Written on 08/08/2012, 23:43 by admin
the-oregon-morgan-classic-show-resultsI am always looking to test Carbon with top quality judges. Schooling shows are a great place to get practice, but there is nothing like having a well respected USDF "R" judge giving you a little advice when it comes to testing your training skills. As...
Written on 22/06/2012, 22:40 by admin
randy-byers-truth-revealed"Rearing and flipping over backwards is the single most dangerous thing a horse can do!"Why does a horse rear?Rearing is a refusal to go forward or an evasion to your "go forward" aids or cues!""How do you fix a rearing problem? Simply put, "keep...
Written on 16/06/2012, 14:23 by admin
the-oregon-morgan-classic-showSign up form here: Randy Byers Horsemanship is pleased to announce that the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon has opened their Western Dressage Classes to all breeds. This means that the Western Dressage Division of the show is open to QH, Appys,...
Written on 11/06/2012, 16:40 by admin
elk-heaven-western-dressage-show-june-2012On June 10th, 2012, Cheryl Haaren, Dunbar, Carbon and I took a nice 100 mile Sunday drive to Cle Elum Washington. Other than a little cool wind, we had a great show. This was Elk Heaven's first dressage show with added Western Dressage classes. It...
Written on 04/06/2012, 18:40 by admin
donida-june-showAfter a few low 60's scores at the Morgan show, I went back and changed up some things. Man what a difference in Carbon. He has never felt so good under me. Except for a few bobbles, Carbon was on the money that day. We picked up two more 1st...
Written on 14/05/2012, 16:33 by admin
key-classic-morgan-show-may-10thOn May 10th, 2012 Blanche Dilleshaw, Gadget, Carbon and I all went up to Monroe Washington for the annual Key Classic Benefit Morgan Horse Show. I want to give a big thank you to Renee Cairns and all the friendly folks that supported Western...
Written on 13/05/2012, 21:41 by admin
Written on 16/04/2012, 15:13 by admin
paradigm-shiftThe term "paradigm shift" represents the notion of a major change in a certain thought-pattern — a radical change in personal beliefs, complex systems or organizations, replacing the former way of thinking or organizing with a radically different way of...
Written on 16/04/2012, 02:15 by admin
western-dressge-show-at-donida-2Western Dressage Show at Donida Farms  April 14th 2012;No more "Bench Racing". No more talk! This year I decided to walk the talk. This sport is so new that there are not very many opportunies to show yet. Thanks to Donida Farms, we now have a...
Written on 25/03/2012, 02:15 by admin
western-dressge-show-at-donidaPas De Deux at Donida Farms May 17th 2012;I want to give a big thank you to Gwen Blake of Donida Farms for allowing us (Carbon, Blanche) to ride a Pas De Deux and for adding Western Dressage classes to her line up. I also want to thank Blanche...
Written on 15/10/2011, 11:44 by admin
oct-15th-2011Where is Randy?  After 7 months on the road and 18,500 miles I am back home in Yelm Washington. The "2011 No Excuses Tour" is now over and I am glad to be home.Back in May, I was heading out to Minnesota for an expo and few clinics. Originally I...
Written on 14/08/2011, 02:55 by admin
Written on 18/07/2011, 00:18 by admin
elaine-ward-excellent-demo-randy-2Elaine Ward replied to Neide C Cooley's discussion "Ontario, Canada WD Enthusiasts" on Western Dressage Association™ of America------------This weekend Randy Byers is conducting a WD clinic near Woodstock Ontario. Last night about 50 people were in...
Written on 24/06/2011, 03:10 by admin
marshall-independentDon't let the fancy name scare you - "dressage" just means training, said a local horse riding enthusiast. Karen Meyers is a Marshall businesswoman who is returning to a childhood love - horses - and knows there are others out there like her. She has...
Written on 17/06/2011, 11:48 by admin
6-17-2011Southwestern Ontario, Canada Was honoured to serve as a host to premier Western Dressage clinician "Randy Byers"  in June 2011. This whirlwind tour allowed Randy to cross paths with many eagar horse people from all corners of the equine world....
Written on 26/05/2011, 01:09 by admin
equine-news-minnesota  Equine News Minnesota Western Dressage – a “New” Discipline? The name – “Western Dressage” – might give the impression that people are simply slapping a western saddle on a dressage horse, but that’s not the goal of this “new”...
Written on 13/05/2011, 11:51 by admin
may-13-2011 A huge Thank You goes out to Midwest Western Dressage and The University of Minnesota for putting on a very successful clinic and show.Here's what one of the auditors had to say.... "Anyone sitting on the fence trying to decide if they would benefit...
Written on 09/03/2011, 03:37 by admin
washington-state-horse-expo-recapOther highlights included: Steve Rother performing “Doma Vaquera,” Friesian Pas Des Deux and Lighted Friesians both performed by the BlackPearls, Mark Bolender and Jessica Wisdom facing off in a dual between western and English riding, Randy Byers...
Written on 04/03/2011, 11:53 by admin
3-4-2011 Western Dressage / Northwest Horse Expo / iPhone Apps Why have we not been more active with our NEWS section of this website?The truth is that we are focusing our attention on social media like facebook. Facebook has been a great resource in equine...
Written on 01/03/2010, 03:31 by admin
Written on 14/01/2010, 02:36 by admin
california-riding-magazineCalifornia Riding Magazine • January, 2010 Randy Byers Horsemanship Active Versus Passive Horsemanship In a world full of horse trainers, clinicians and equine professionals competing to make a mark for themselves, many find new ways to reinvent the...
Written on 15/01/2009, 11:55 by admin
1-15-2009Who is Randy Byers? First DVD finally released. Our new DVD's are fling off the shelf and the barn is full of new horses ready to be started. We are getting lots of request for clinic dates so keep an eye out for a clinic near you. If you want to host a...
Written on 18/10/2008, 12:08 by admin
10-18-2008Clinic in Green Bay Wisconsin Wow! What a great weekend in Green Bay Wisconsin! The weather was great and we had an arena full of participants. This was Randy's first clinic held in,,,,Green Bay Wisconsin. The purpose for this clinic was to shoot a...
Written on 01/09/2008, 12:21 by admin
09-01-2008Video shoot up and coming in October.Randy has contracted with a videographer to shoot footage of a promo-demo video to be use in various different ways. Randy will be looking for participants for various settings and conditions. More info will be added...
Written on 13/08/2008, 12:08 by admin
08-13-2008A little fun showing Western Pleasure Arabs.  As you can see by the picture below, I have been spending a lot of time this year with Arabian horses. Although I have been working mainly with Arabs, I still work with other breeds. The summer is...
Written on 09/06/2008, 12:27 by admin
6-9-2008Showmanship vs Horsemanship It is all about getting the most out of us and our horse. Wow! Show season is in full swing for many competitors that like to show off their training and their horse's abilities. There are many roads that lead to.....your...
Written on 10/03/2008, 14:50 by admin
march-10th-2008New Site on the Way!Be sure to check out my new site!
Written on 29/01/2008, 13:20 by admin
january-29th-2008Happy new year! Believe it or not, the days are getting longer and spring is around the corner.Our stallions are waiting for their new girlfriends to show up. I would like to say thank you to JMJ Stables for letting me show their Stallion Hollywood at...
Written on 14/01/2008, 12:00 by admin
11-14-2008The long awaited 13:00 minute promotional video is now complete. Until it is up-loaded to this web site you may view a shorten cut of the full video http://www.lwproductionsllc.com/randybyerdemo.htmThis is not a full version, you may email us for your...
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november-30th-2007We have made an account with PayPal so you can buy our products online.You can now buy bridles and other training tools as well as pay for a clinic or put a deposit down on a clinic online. We have our own line of products and we are trying to keep the...
Written on 23/10/2007, 13:28 by admin
october-23rd-2007A couple of new things to talk about, we have added a new product line of training aids.You will find that the prices are very reasonable with quality in mind. As time goes by, we will be adding more and more items for sale. Also, we are in the process...
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october-10-2007What a great Clinic Randy & Josh put on! all the riders took home dream horses. The #1 comment was "I took home a different horse than what I brought". We look forward in bringing Josh back next year. We want to give a special thanks to Mary for...
Written on 17/07/2007, 14:40 by admin
july-17th-2007Randy is now on a 5 week break and returned to Washington by request. The 4-H clinic in Spray Oregon went so well that Randy decided to donate one weekend a month to 4-H starting with July 28th 2007. This clinic will be held at his new facility in Graham...
Written on 06/06/2007, 14:42 by admin
june-06-2007Randy has signed on to do a clinic for a 4-H group in Spray Oregon on June 15th-17th. He has also signed on for private lessons with the 4-H group.
Written on 02/05/2007, 14:47 by admin
may-02-2007We are happy to announce a new partnership with Margaret Robey and Sharon Booth of Goldenrod Performances Horses in Redmond Washington.What makes this partnership so special is that they have entrusted their two horse, U.S. Freedom & U.S. Debutant,...
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