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Carbon & Lisa Pin Oak 2015

"Horses will go to the level of the rider!”

What an interesting statement. I first heard this concept when I was getting my certification with Josh Lyons in 2007. By the 12th week working with Josh in Colorado, he purchased two finished reining horses from Canada. After watching him ride his new horses, I asked him why did you buy finished reining horses, would it not be more rewarding if you built them yourself? Are you worried about folks thinking you bought your way to victory instead have having the pride that you built them yourself? Simply put he said “Can you ride these horses as well as I can?” "Do you think I can jump on them and win some prizes?” "As sure as I am standing here the horses will go to the level of the rider every time."

What I learned that day was just because you have a finished horse between your legs does not mean you will win a gold medal. The reason why this is a sound concept is because horses are lazy and under acheivers by nature. They are looking for the fastest way back to the barn. They will only match the expectations of the riders not over extend themselves. If you have a rider that is less experienced, the horse will have lower expectation than as someone that is more experience.

I always say that the truth is in the horse. As you can see in the pictures below this concept still holds true. Working Equitation is unlike any western proformance or trail class. This sport will sperate the boys from the men. You cannot ride at this level by accident or buy your way here. Lisa did not just wake up one morning and ask to ride Carbon at this level. You see Lisa has spent the last 24 years working and riding modern dressage, so all I had to do is show Lisa how to make the transistion to the art of one handed classical riding as Carbon knows it. Not just anyone can jump on and ride at this level. Over the last five years Carbon has schooled many folks in the fundamentals of Classical Dressage in a western saddle, but not one has came as close as Lisa in getting the performance out of Carbon like he is capable of.  What made this show a real challenge for Lisa was she had two hats to wear. Not only was she an exhibitioner at the advance level, but she was also the lead photographer. Team Carbon stepped to the plate and made it happen for her. Keep an eye on this team because they get better each time they ride. 

I hope Lisa and Carbon contenues to inspire folks to be the best they can with a little hard work anything can happen. BTW Carbon and Lisa took reserve champion at this year's Pin Oak Charity show in Katy Texas at the advance level.,
I would like to give a special thanks to all the folks that worked so hard to make this show a success. 
Carmina Zamorano
Rafael Chavez Monzon of Haras dos Cavaleiros.
Bruce W. Menke
Linda Graham

Beth Snider
Patty Carlson

Solferino TOR Pin Oak 2015

Simple or flying lead changes, which would you choose? 

What valuable lesson did I learn at this year's Pin Oak show? Working equitation is a very dynamic sport and is very technical. No matter how well you think you have prepared your horse, there is always something you can tweak. To do this sport justice you need to be able to do flying lead changes. Who does not want a horse that does great flying changes? Sometimes we do not have a choice because our horse is not ready for flying lead change on cue yet. As a trainer we need to make critical decisions like when to start training flying changes and what method will you choose. There are two basic concepts of teaching changes. 1) a flying lead change from the counter canter 2) simple changes from the walk or trot. The later is widely accepted in the dressage community as the correct and proper method to start the process of teaching changes. We know this to be true because all the and test in dressage are a progression. Both methods have there pros and cons. For years I have been debating these two methods in my head which way is more correct and proper. There is no doubt that good quiet departures are the key to success. I am happy to say the debate is over. I would like to share with you my results. 

This was frat boy’s first big Working Equitation show. He is an inexperienced 5yr old Andalusian gelding that I have been preparing for the last 6 months. We put him into the intermediate level because his lateral work (leg yield and half passes) are coming along really nicely. Up to this point his weakness has been picking up his right lead from the walk. At this level the walking departure is mandatory. The best way to fix an incorrect lead departure is to shut the canter down as soon as possible so as not to encourage the incorrect lead, and then retest him until he takes the correct lead. Once he takes the correct lead, I leave him alone and ride it for a time, developing the quality (rhythm, relaxation, balance) of the canter. For the last few months we have been working intensely on this weakness with improving success.

At the intermediate level all lead changes in the dressage phase are directed to be simple through the walk, but in the EOH phase the lead changes are not specified. In the Dressage phase there are only 3 lead changes, but in the EOH phase there were more than 15 required changes with at least 5 each in the parallel poles. Because there were only three simple changes in the dressage phase, all was good. So what’s the issue you may ask? During the EOH with the double parallel poles, each change is about four strides per lead change. So every time Soferino picked up the correct lead, it was time to switch leads in which we dropped out of the canter to pick up the next lead. After about three quick consecutive changes, he gave up on trying because in his mind I was correcting wrong leads that he knew they were correct. At home when he took the incorrect lead I would break him to the walk and restart, which is basically what I was doing here at the show. He became confused and did not know what was correct or incorrect. Solferino sometimes can be a little on the unambiguous side mix that with the confusion of correct vs incorrect lead correction and he lost all of his forward and impulsion.

What is the moral of this story. As I said earlier, both methods have pros and cons. I am not a big fan of simple changes as a training method for several reasons. One issue is that simple changes will take the forward out of the horse causing an unwanted change in rhythm, tempo, and balance. Next, if horse has a habit of hollowing out and becoming tense in his departures, this will continue to exacerbate it. If a horse has a tendency to fall on the forehand in the downward transitions, this will also exacerbate it. But on the other hand teaching flying changes from the counter canter can cause a horse to get pushy and tense. Most folks have not put the time into get the walk transitions to canter well enough prior to practicing simple changes as a stepping stone to flying changes. As a trainer we need decide what the best course of action we need to take. In this case, we are no longer working on simple changes as a prerequisite to flying changes. I will teach Solferino correctly through the counter canter.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the folks that worked so hard to make this show a success. 
Carmina Zamorano
Rafael Chavez Monzon of Haras dos Cavaleiros.
Bruce W. Menke
Linda Graham

Beth Snider
Patty Carlson
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Highlander Ranch Schooling Show

Over the years I have said that horses speak the truth through their actions and can’t lie. Carbon is the instructor and I am his caregiver. 

Over the last five years I have competed with Carbon all over the USA. We have met lots of nice folks and have lots of ribbons to show for it, but something was missing. Winning prizes and ribbons is cool, but its all in vain if you do not have someone to share it with. It is time for a new phase of my life to begin. 

I had two objectives at this show. Last year I had my eyes on a handsome little PRE gelding that lived in San Diego (Solfenino). Shortly before the Vegas Cup my friend from San Diego (Barbra Price) came to me and ask if I would give her horse, the young PRE gelding, a job to do. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and picked Solfenrino up on the way back to Texas from Nevada. Six months later I found myself in Waco Texas at the first WE schooling show of 2015. This was a great opportunity to see how this handsome little fellow would do. Again the blue ribbons are nice, but it was his performance I was interested in. I was really pleased with the Dressage phase of WE, but he is still young and needs to find his feet. My goal is to have him ready for Pin Oak Charity horse show in Katy, Texas in March 2015. He needs some work on the EOH phase, but I am really, really happy with his progress. Stay tuned for more developments and watch him grow. 

11014985 838567392856044 8467293912870236959 nThe second objective was to see how well Carbon would do with a different rider. You see, Carbon is a very special horse to me and it takes a very special person to make him shine. I am very proud to see that both him and Lisa Harding surpassed my expectations. I have always said that horses will go to the level of the rider. I put faith in this team so it does not surprise me that Lisa rode Carbon one-handed like a Rock Star. As you can see both Carbon and Lisa are keepers. Keep an eye on this team because they will be an inspiration to watch. 

Carbon has inspired lots of folks over the years, my hope is that with the help of Lisa Carbon can continue to inspire more folks in different capacity. I have learned over the last few years that winning prizes is all vanity when you do not have someone to share it with..

I would like to give a big thank you to Highlander Ranch at Mclennan Community CollegeBruce W. Menke, Doreen Annette Atkinson, and Merleene Pacheco. Y'all did a great job..


Pin Oak 2015 Working Equitation

As I always say, “another mile, another memory."

Why was this event so special this year? Let me count the ways. I approach this event with many objectives. First, I had to redeem myself from last years disaster, so it was important to just take one phase at a time and have fun. I am so grateful that Karen Brewer entrusted me to ride “Bolero”, her half Andalusian and Appaloosa gelding. We are very happy with Bolero’s performance. If you look at his pictures, I am sure you will agree with me that he is a very special horse that has a unique coat and a big heart to match. He has come along ways in the last year and I have hopes he will soon dominate the Working Equitation novice level. I think both Karen and Bolero have a bright future.

Next objective: Back last October (2014) I picked up a young 4yr old Andalusian (Sorferino TOR) from San Diego at Barbra Price’s farm. He had a good foundation, but he needed a job to do. Well this little guy is going nicely and has a good grip on reality now. We decided to put him in intermediate to see how he could cope with the expectations at that level. I am happy to report that he rose to the occasion and place 4th out of 7 horses. We did not have 
expectations of winning; we just wanted to give him exposure and have fun.

Next objective:  Not all horseman have god given talent to work with horses; some of us have to work harder than others to bring out our dreams. I saw an untapped resource with Lisa Harding. I gladly stepped aside to give Lisa the keys to Carbon. After a few months of learning how to ride Carbon one handed, she was ready for Pin Oak. This was the opportunity to show off her years of proper training. You see, Lisa has worked hard all her life to build proper skills that will allow her to ride at the upper echelon of Dressage, Western Dressage, and Working Equitation. She did not disappoint me; she and Carbon took 1st place in the dressage phase and took reserve champion at the advance level. What a delight it was to see them work together in harmony. The future looks so bright we will have to buy some sunglasses for Carbon.

My final objective was to make a life long commitment to Lisa. Unknown to her I spent the previous month designing a special engagement ring that exemplifies our passion to horses. After some planning and a musical freestyle to the song of "Till I die” by Justin Moore, I bowed Carbon in front all in attendance and asked for her hand. How could  she have refused?

I want to give a big thank you to Patty Carlson for driving all the way down form Little Rock Arkansas to groom for us. She was a huge help. She mucked the stalls, fed and watered the horses, but she did not stop there. She also bathed and braided the boys. With Lisa being the official photographer and riding Carbon, she had her work cut out for her; we could not have done all that without Patty.

Lastly I want to give a huge thank you to Pin Oak, Carmina Zamorano and Rafael Chavez Monzon of Haras dos Cavaleiros. I can’t express my gratitude enough for what they have done to grow this sport.. They really know how to put on a great show and make all the folks feel at home.

For more news on the this show please see:
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Haras Cup 2014

Wow! What an awesome time this was. I just love this sport. This was a first class event if there ever was one. I want to give a big thank you to Rafael Chavez and Carmina Zamorano for having the vision and the resources to make dreams come true. Little did I know five years ago I would do what I am doing now with Carbon. I put Carbon into full time training to be a Grand Pix horse; however, I had no intentions of riding dressage. I wanted to have all the buttons and whistle of a well trained horse. Boy I am sure glad I did. Because of the foundation of Western Dressage, Carbon excels at Working Equitation. Working Equitation is truly the practical application of Western Dressage. 

What made this event special? Hands down the participants. Why the participants? You would think with a $10,000 purse you would have a cut-throat mentality with the competitors, but that was not the case here. All the participants cheered and supported each other. 

For Carbon and I this was a nail biting event throughout the whole event. Who does not have a little apprehension while competing let a lone being the first one out of the gate? Nothing is worse than hearing the bell ring during a test. If you have been around me long enough, you have heard the bell ring on more than one occasion. Sure enough about half way through the dressage test (first phase) the bell rang. I could hear the crowd in the background saying "what did he do this time."  Well I was relieved to learn that being off course was not my fault this time. For some reason the judge had a faulty test. It worked out to be my advantage because Carbon was on the muscle and made a few mistakes that would have hurt my scores. We thankfully had a redo and came out with a better score. 

I thought the the EOH (second phase) went well, but not well enough to redeem ourselves form a weak dressage performance. At least we did not get the bell I thought to myself as I was leaving the arena. Now for the speed (third phase). The speed went well except for the gate. The rope gate was pretty tight. I struggled to get the rope back on the latch while Carbon was thinking about the next obstacle. To say the least I was not happy with speed test, but I had fun and that is all that mattered. 

When all the dust settled and the score were tallied, Carbon and I finished with a 3rd overall.  

HARAS CUP SHOW CHAIR: Carmina Zamorano 
Judges: Claudia Elsner Matos (Portugal), Sandra Migl (Austria)
Scribes: Shiela Jairath-Casilla, Silke Henricks
Scorer: Julie Alonzo
Scorer assistant: Cari Schwartz
Paddock Stewards: Carmen Franco, Manuel Trigo
Gate Steward: Leslie Cumming
Technical Delegate: Bruce W. Menke
Show manager: Rob Moyar
Secretariat:  Shannon Mercer/ Susan Williams
Sponsorships and VIP: Ariadna Soler
Competitors: Mirna Terrones
Vendors: Maru Jimenez
Hospitality Coordinator: Rafael Chavez
Social events coordinators: Nelly Antimo, Cecilia Volnie, Ana Quiroga
Equestrian Gala Night: Susan Pelletier
Announcer, timer and scoreboard: Russell Erxleben
Graphic Designers and social media: Claudia Perez, Claudia Garcia, Maria Fernandez, Miguel Contreras
Decorator: Darryl Murchinson
Silent aution: Kids’ Meals Houston
Kid’s Carnival: Kids’ Meals Houston
Parking: Kids’ Meals Houston
Overnight and Security: Harris County Houston Patrol
EMT:  Danny Riggs
Veterinary: Wayne Crouch
Farrier: Ryan McEnroe
Facility manager: Antonio Cervantes

Written on 03/11/2015, 17:42 by admin
haras-cup-2015Wow!! The Haras folks know how to put on a show! And I thought Vagas was a hoot. Many of you have been asking to see some new videos of Lisa riding Carbon and me riding Solferino. I finally have some new videos of the speed phases thanks to Kevin Kidder...
Written on 12/10/2015, 18:27 by admin
andalusian-world-cup-2015"Wow what a show!!" In my book, up to this point this is the best horse show I have ever been to.  What made this show special? Before I share with y'all, I would like to give thanks to the folks that made it happen. The producers Amber Lentz,...
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solferino-feudal-viii-dam-is-coqueta-akIf you have been searching for a well-trained, kind, talented PRE gelding ... you just found him. Solferino came to me about 12 months ago because he needed some on-the-job training. Many of you know that I am a big supporter of Classical dressage as it...
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we-in-giddings-tx"The Keys to Success" "Luck?" You gotta love it here in the Northwestern Houston area, another beautiful day here in Texas. Just think 12 hours ago a strong frontal band of showers came through causing flash floods, lighting, thunder, and...
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boleroWho is this stunning appaloosa? Off and on for the last year I have been helping Karen Brewer with her pride and joy Balero. Balero is a half appaloosa and half Andalusian making him an Appalusian gelding. As you can imagine, he gets a lot of...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:18 by admin
carbon-lisa"Horses will go to the level of the rider!” What an interesting statement. I first heard this concept when I was getting my certification with Josh Lyons in 2007. By the 12th week working with Josh in Colorado, he purchased two finished reining horses...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:13 by admin
solferino-tor-pin-oak-2015Simple or flying lead changes, which would you choose?  What valuable lesson did I learn at this year's Pin Oak show? Working equitation is a very dynamic sport and is very technical. No matter how well you think you have prepared your...
Written on 02/04/2015, 13:04 by admin
pin-oak-2015-working-equitation As I always say, “another mile, another memory." Why was this event so special this year? Let me count the ways. I approach this event with many objectives. First, I had to redeem myself from last years disaster, so it was important to...
Written on 23/02/2015, 22:56 by admin
highlander-ranch-schooling-showOver the years I have said that horses speak the truth through their actions and can’t lie. Carbon is the instructor and I am his caregiver. Over the last five years I have competed with Carbon all over the USA. We have met lots of nice folks...
Written on 01/11/2014, 22:51 by admin
haras-cup-2014Wow! What an awesome time this was. I just love this sport. This was a first class event if there ever was one. I want to give a big thank you to Rafael Chavez and Carmina Zamorano for having the vision and the resources to make dreams...
Written on 01/10/2014, 20:00 by admin
andalusian-world-cup-2014Are you kidding me? Who would not take advantage of competing in Las Vegas if they had half the chance? It has been years since I was last in Vegas, so as soon as I learned that there was a Working Equitation competition, I was all over it.This event had...
Written on 04/04/2014, 13:47 by admin
wd-clinic-in-tarpley-tx Yes that is a mule!!  Yes mules can learn Western Dressage too!! I want to give a big thank you to Jody Campbell at Horseshoe Ranch in Tarpley, TX for giving us an opportunity to spread the word in this remote part of Texas....
Written on 21/03/2014, 14:51 by admin
pin-oak We are off to a good start in 2014. After five months in North Carolina, Carbon and I decided to take off and go to Houston Texas to compete at a another WE show sponsored by Haras Dos Cavaleiros, but first we had a few stops to make.   Our...
Written on 10/03/2014, 17:41 by admin
working-equitation-clinic-ga-3-8-14 It is so refreshing to see folks raising their expectations. I want to give a big thank you to Joan Molyneaux Keegan at Flat Creek Ranch Inc. for hosting an awesome two day working equitation clinic. Carbon is such a good...
Written on 09/11/2013, 22:36 by admin
working-equitation-ialha-usa-nationals-eoh The Journey to a USA National Working Equitation Championship Nothing like a little adversity to build character I always say. "We all know the toughest journeys have the sweetest rewards."~Patty Carlson. Well said Patty because the journey was a...
Written on 04/11/2013, 18:28 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-working-equitation-speedW.E. Third Phase "Speed" On Labor day weekend 2013 Carbon and I had the opportunity to drive up to Lexington Virginia from North Carolina to attend the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club's (ERAHC) annual Classic horse breed show. You may ask why would...
Written on 30/10/2013, 19:23 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-working-equitation-ease-of-handlingW.E. Second Phase "Ease Of Handling" (EOH) On Labor day weekend 2013 Carbon and I had the opportunity to drive up to Lexington Virginia from North Carolina to attend the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club's (ERAHC) annual Classic horse breed show. You...
Written on 29/10/2013, 17:50 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-working-equitation-dressage-phase W.E. First Phase (Dressage) On Labor day weekend 2013 Carbon and I had the opportunity to drive up to Lexington Virginia from North Carolina to attend the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club's (ERAHC) annual Classic horse breed show. You may ask...
Written on 02/09/2013, 23:07 by admin
erahc-va-classic-horse-show-9-1-13Have you ever had a time in your life that nothing seem to go your way. Every turn something would smacked you up side your head? Boy I know the feeling, but for the last year things seem to be going my way for once. When a door slams shut hard in your...
Written on 18/08/2013, 22:26 by admin
maine-affords-a-new-opportunityWow! what a busy month. We where on the road for over a week attending two back to back shows at two different locations earlier in the month. One minute I am riding Carbon over at the Mount Holyoke collage in South...
Written on 08/07/2013, 23:07 by admin
working-equitation-in-new-englandIn my last blog I told you that Carbon and I were heading up to Maine to work with a Morgan named Maidie. So what else did I do up in New England? I got hooked on a new sport called working equitation. It was crazy;  I was working two different...
Written on 08/07/2013, 13:14 by admin
another-mile-another-memory Where does the time go?  Its already nearly 3 months since I left Texas for a new opportunity in Maine.  Notice the date I started this article.  It is now October 3.  Guess I got busy. I'll use these next few articles to bring you...
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welcome-to-signature-horsesWelcome to  "2013" Signature Horses! Randy Byers Horsemanship is proudly introducing a line of foundation AQHA registered horses for Western Dressage called "Signature Western Horses". It has been said that Dressage principles will help...
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the-new-year-2013Looks like we have ridden 2012 into the sunset. Wow! What a year it was for Carbon and I! How was 2012 for you? If you are interested, I will fill you in on how this year went for us.At the beginning of the year, I realized I needed to get experience...
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what-is-western-dressageWe just came back from our 10th show this year. This was our first time riding at Las Colinas in Irvine,TX. Nice facility!. I would like to give a big Thank You! to Dallas Dressage Club (DDC), I was  impressed with Leslie Heltzen and Doreen Simonsen...
Written on 14/10/2012, 15:25 by admin
what-does-show-high-score-really-mean First, I want to give a big Thank You!  to Jackie and Lisa Blackmon for hosting and adding Western Classes to their Fall Series Dressage Shows. This is the second show that Carbon and I attended at Black Star Sport Horse. The Blackmons are...
Written on 23/09/2012, 19:46 by admin
fairfield-fall-dressage-show-denton-tx It is now the second day of fall, September 23, 2012. In Northern Texas you can feel it in the air. In the late afternoon, it's still in the 90s, but the mornings are worth waking up to. I would like to give a big thank you to: Gail Wheat...
Written on 01/09/2012, 20:57 by admin
high-point-at-black-starWow, what a hot, muggy day! It was only in the mid 90's, but it felt like 100. I had to change my shirt 3 times. Poor Carbon is shedding again because his Washington summer coat is too hot for Texas.First, I want to give a big Thank...
Written on 27/08/2012, 18:00 by admin
Written on 27/08/2012, 17:01 by admin
carbon-loves-austin-texas I want to give a big thank you to Clare Salmon-Morrow (judge), Erica Culmann (mini show manager), Houston Jones (Carbon's personal groom), Tina Zehnder (president of Central Texas Dressage Society), and Silver Hill Stables, You ladies did a great...
Written on 08/08/2012, 23:43 by admin
the-oregon-morgan-classic-show-resultsI am always looking to test Carbon with top quality judges. Schooling shows are a great place to get practice, but there is nothing like having a well respected USDF "R" judge giving you a little advice when it comes to testing your training skills. As...
Written on 22/06/2012, 22:40 by admin
randy-byers-truth-revealed"Rearing and flipping over backwards is the single most dangerous thing a horse can do!"Why does a horse rear?Rearing is a refusal to go forward or an evasion to your "go forward" aids or cues!""How do you fix a rearing problem? Simply put, "keep...
Written on 16/06/2012, 14:23 by admin
the-oregon-morgan-classic-showSign up form here: Randy Byers Horsemanship is pleased to announce that the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon has opened their Western Dressage Classes to all breeds. This means that the Western Dressage Division of the show is open to QH, Appys,...
Written on 11/06/2012, 16:40 by admin
elk-heaven-western-dressage-show-june-2012On June 10th, 2012, Cheryl Haaren, Dunbar, Carbon and I took a nice 100 mile Sunday drive to Cle Elum Washington. Other than a little cool wind, we had a great show. This was Elk Heaven's first dressage show with added Western Dressage classes. It...
Written on 04/06/2012, 18:40 by admin
donida-june-showAfter a few low 60's scores at the Morgan show, I went back and changed up some things. Man what a difference in Carbon. He has never felt so good under me. Except for a few bobbles, Carbon was on the money that day. We picked up two more 1st...
Written on 14/05/2012, 16:33 by admin
key-classic-morgan-show-may-10thOn May 10th, 2012 Blanche Dilleshaw, Gadget, Carbon and I all went up to Monroe Washington for the annual Key Classic Benefit Morgan Horse Show. I want to give a big thank you to Renee Cairns and all the friendly folks that supported Western...
Written on 13/05/2012, 21:41 by admin
Written on 16/04/2012, 15:13 by admin
paradigm-shiftThe term "paradigm shift" represents the notion of a major change in a certain thought-pattern — a radical change in personal beliefs, complex systems or organizations, replacing the former way of thinking or organizing with a radically different way of...
Written on 16/04/2012, 02:15 by admin
western-dressge-show-at-donida-2Western Dressage Show at Donida Farms  April 14th 2012;No more "Bench Racing". No more talk! This year I decided to walk the talk. This sport is so new that there are not very many opportunies to show yet. Thanks to Donida Farms, we now have a...
Written on 25/03/2012, 02:15 by admin
western-dressge-show-at-donidaPas De Deux at Donida Farms May 17th 2012;I want to give a big thank you to Gwen Blake of Donida Farms for allowing us (Carbon, Blanche) to ride a Pas De Deux and for adding Western Dressage classes to her line up. I also want to thank Blanche...
Written on 15/10/2011, 11:44 by admin
oct-15th-2011Where is Randy?  After 7 months on the road and 18,500 miles I am back home in Yelm Washington. The "2011 No Excuses Tour" is now over and I am glad to be home.Back in May, I was heading out to Minnesota for an expo and few clinics. Originally I...
Written on 14/08/2011, 02:55 by admin
Written on 18/07/2011, 00:18 by admin
elaine-ward-excellent-demo-randy-2Elaine Ward replied to Neide C Cooley's discussion "Ontario, Canada WD Enthusiasts" on Western Dressage Association™ of America------------This weekend Randy Byers is conducting a WD clinic near Woodstock Ontario. Last night about 50 people were in...
Written on 24/06/2011, 03:10 by admin
marshall-independentDon't let the fancy name scare you - "dressage" just means training, said a local horse riding enthusiast. Karen Meyers is a Marshall businesswoman who is returning to a childhood love - horses - and knows there are others out there like her. She has...
Written on 17/06/2011, 11:48 by admin
6-17-2011Southwestern Ontario, Canada Was honoured to serve as a host to premier Western Dressage clinician "Randy Byers"  in June 2011. This whirlwind tour allowed Randy to cross paths with many eagar horse people from all corners of the equine world....
Written on 26/05/2011, 01:09 by admin
equine-news-minnesota  Equine News Minnesota Western Dressage – a “New” Discipline? The name – “Western Dressage” – might give the impression that people are simply slapping a western saddle on a dressage horse, but that’s not the goal of this “new”...
Written on 13/05/2011, 11:51 by admin
may-13-2011 A huge Thank You goes out to Midwest Western Dressage and The University of Minnesota for putting on a very successful clinic and show.Here's what one of the auditors had to say.... "Anyone sitting on the fence trying to decide if they would benefit...
Written on 09/03/2011, 03:37 by admin
washington-state-horse-expo-recapOther highlights included: Steve Rother performing “Doma Vaquera,” Friesian Pas Des Deux and Lighted Friesians both performed by the BlackPearls, Mark Bolender and Jessica Wisdom facing off in a dual between western and English riding, Randy Byers...
Written on 04/03/2011, 11:53 by admin
3-4-2011 Western Dressage / Northwest Horse Expo / iPhone Apps Why have we not been more active with our NEWS section of this website?The truth is that we are focusing our attention on social media like facebook. Facebook has been a great resource in equine...
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california-riding-magazineCalifornia Riding Magazine • January, 2010 Randy Byers Horsemanship Active Versus Passive Horsemanship In a world full of horse trainers, clinicians and equine professionals competing to make a mark for themselves, many find new ways to reinvent the...
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1-15-2009Who is Randy Byers? First DVD finally released. Our new DVD's are fling off the shelf and the barn is full of new horses ready to be started. We are getting lots of request for clinic dates so keep an eye out for a clinic near you. If you want to host a...
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10-18-2008Clinic in Green Bay Wisconsin Wow! What a great weekend in Green Bay Wisconsin! The weather was great and we had an arena full of participants. This was Randy's first clinic held in,,,,Green Bay Wisconsin. The purpose for this clinic was to shoot a...
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09-01-2008Video shoot up and coming in October.Randy has contracted with a videographer to shoot footage of a promo-demo video to be use in various different ways. Randy will be looking for participants for various settings and conditions. More info will be added...
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08-13-2008A little fun showing Western Pleasure Arabs.  As you can see by the picture below, I have been spending a lot of time this year with Arabian horses. Although I have been working mainly with Arabs, I still work with other breeds. The summer is...
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6-9-2008Showmanship vs Horsemanship It is all about getting the most out of us and our horse. Wow! Show season is in full swing for many competitors that like to show off their training and their horse's abilities. There are many roads that lead to.....your...
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march-10th-2008New Site on the Way!Be sure to check out my new site!
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january-29th-2008Happy new year! Believe it or not, the days are getting longer and spring is around the corner.Our stallions are waiting for their new girlfriends to show up. I would like to say thank you to JMJ Stables for letting me show their Stallion Hollywood at...
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11-14-2008The long awaited 13:00 minute promotional video is now complete. Until it is up-loaded to this web site you may view a shorten cut of the full video http://www.lwproductionsllc.com/randybyerdemo.htmThis is not a full version, you may email us for your...
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november-30th-2007We have made an account with PayPal so you can buy our products online.You can now buy bridles and other training tools as well as pay for a clinic or put a deposit down on a clinic online. We have our own line of products and we are trying to keep the...
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october-23rd-2007A couple of new things to talk about, we have added a new product line of training aids.You will find that the prices are very reasonable with quality in mind. As time goes by, we will be adding more and more items for sale. Also, we are in the process...
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october-10-2007What a great Clinic Randy & Josh put on! all the riders took home dream horses. The #1 comment was "I took home a different horse than what I brought". We look forward in bringing Josh back next year. We want to give a special thanks to Mary for...
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july-17th-2007Randy is now on a 5 week break and returned to Washington by request. The 4-H clinic in Spray Oregon went so well that Randy decided to donate one weekend a month to 4-H starting with July 28th 2007. This clinic will be held at his new facility in Graham...
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june-06-2007Randy has signed on to do a clinic for a 4-H group in Spray Oregon on June 15th-17th. He has also signed on for private lessons with the 4-H group.
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may-02-2007We are happy to announce a new partnership with Margaret Robey and Sharon Booth of Goldenrod Performances Horses in Redmond Washington.What makes this partnership so special is that they have entrusted their two horse, U.S. Freedom & U.S. Debutant,...
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