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Bridle Work Cue 2

Here is a good example of "Bridle Work"! This is the "CORE" component to regaining your confidence with horses. There are 8 essential cues that directly transfer to riding under saddle that you can teach right from the ground. We have iPhone apps or if you do not have a smart phone you may purchase a DVD and Pocket Guide to take with you to the arena.

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Randy Byers Truth Revealed!

Peanut"Rearing and flipping over backwards is the single most dangerous thing a horse can do!"
Why does a horse rear?
Rearing is a refusal to go forward or an evasion to your "go forward" aids or cues!""

How do you fix a rearing problem? 
Simply put, "keep the horse's feet moving in any direction except backwards!"  It is impossible for a horse to rear while in a canter. In the video at the bottom of the page you will find a  a detailed explanation of the two most common methods to fix this unwanted behavior. 

Over the years, countless people and horses have been seriously injured or even killed by this type of unwanted behavior. This behavior is not to be taken lightly. A horse can go 6 different directions: forward, back, left, right, down, and UP! The truth is that it can happen at anytime without any warning from the horse or action on your part. If you have a horse that is starting to rear, seek help  from a professional before you or your horse get seriously injured or even killed. 

"It is better to put a welt on the horse's butt than have the horse put you in the grave!"

Regarding the abuse allegations from the officers of WDAA:
"Do not be misled by emotional gossip from disguised cyber bullies. Do not base your assumptions or conclusions on part of a video taken out of context, with no background information"
I have sat back and watched this Internet "abuse" long enough! Up to this point, I have stayed humbly silent so as not to fuel the fires of hate. I have a great passion for WESTERN DRESSAGE and I will continue to pioneer the future of WD with or without the support of the WDAA. I am no longer going to be a victim of this cyber warfare. Now you will hear the real story behind this video.

WDAAKarenPeanut was in the kill pen for a reason, she has a history of this dangerous behavior of rearing to the point of flipping over on the rider. Out of the goodness of her heart, Karen Meyers rescued the horse from the kill pen hoping to rehabilitate her. Karen Meyers of WDAA asked me to fix the horse in return for putting on two clinics in Tyler MN in June of 2011. I agreed to help.

I asked Karen to get on her horse and demonstrate to me what she would like to improve with Peanut. As she went clockwise around the rail, 3/4 of the way around the arena on the long side, without any warning, to my surprise, Peanut reared up and spun to the left throwing Karen into the wall. Karen got back on the horse and not more than 10ft later Peanut did it again. At that time, I told Karen that Peanut has an issue with going forward. I suggested that she get off and I would start working with her the next day.

PeanutSofteningKnowing that Peanut was stiff on the left side and had an evasion of going forward by rearing and spinning on the forehand, I proceeded to use the Bridle Work method that was taught to me by John Lyons. I worked with Peanut on the ground for the first week. The second and third week of training were a combination of both ground and saddle work to get her moving forward confidently. I told Karen that Peanut was showing signs of improvement, but this was a deep seated issue that would take longer than 30 days to fix. Well Dick Meyers (Karen's husband) was concerned about the prolonged stay at his house while he was away out of town as a truck driver. He felt that it was inappropriate to spend that much time alone with his wife. At that time, I told Karen that Peanut was 80% better, but not fully fixed. Due to Mr. Meyers concerns, I respectfully severed my arrangement with Karen Meyers. I am sad to say that Karen then displayed unprofessional behavior which contributed to her being asked to leave the training barn that she was working at. I heard reports that Karen was riding Peanut (against my advice) without any issues. 

The viral video on YouTube was edited and taken out of context of the actual lesson. It only shows 2 minutes of a 20 minute lesson that ended with the horse going forward, relaxed, soft and supple. Horses go through learning curves and this horse at this point of the video became "stuck" she was not responding to the go forward cue!  This video on YouTube is the property of Karen Meyers and was released without my consent. Meyers released or caused the release of this video for only one reason.  Allowing this video to be misused for public humiliation is unprofessional and reflects poorly on the integrity and professionalism of the USEF and the WDAA. By continuing to air this video, WDAA is indirectly responsible for unsportsmanship like conduct. USEF is about integrity and professionalism! No USEF recognized organization (WDAA) should allow their officers to actively hide behind false names and conduct themselves in this manner.

PeanutKarenPeanut's unwanted behavior was the result of Karen's inability to follow through and maintain the new learned behavior and was further complicated by desensitization of the aids to go forward. The horse reverted back to the previous unwanted behavior. Peanut's confusion of going forward was directly caused by Karen's mixed signals of going forward. Karen's fear of getting hurt by Peanut is what caused the mixed signals in the first place. 

It is only human nature to place the blame on someone else rather than admit to your own shortcomings and fears. 

The truth is that the cyber bullies hide behind fake names to protect their identities and their relationship with WDAA. The cyber bullies do not care about the truth, they are judge, jury, and executioners for their agendas. 

Regarding John Lyons:
I deeply respect both John and Josh Lyons; however my needs and talents have changed. There comes a time when the bird needs to leave the nest and create his own life. That time has come and I ride my "brand" not someone else's. Western Dressage is my "brand" and that is what I was born to do..  


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