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Bridle Work Cue 2

Here is a good example of "Bridle Work"! This is the "CORE" component to regaining your confidence with horses. There are 8 essential cues that directly transfer to riding under saddle that you can teach right from the ground. We have iPhone apps or if you do not have a smart phone you may purchase a DVD and Pocket Guide to take with you to the arena.

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Bridle Trick Video

More education opportunities


Bridle Trick

The prerequisite to "Bridle Work" from the ground, is being able to put on the bridle. Many horses develop issues with having the bridle put on by the handler. This is a great little trick to try out before introducing the actual snaffle bit.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get the horse's face and ears desensitized to being touched with your hands and lead rope.
  2. Once the horse is comfortable with being touched, now you can start to introduce the rope and your fingers in his mouth. If you have issues with worming your horse, this lesson will help with that too. 
  3. After the horse is comfortable with the rope in his mouth, work the rope around his ears like it is demonstrated in the video. 
  4. Don't push your horse, work at this about 10-15 minutes a day and just chip at way at it one day at a time.
I love this video..ckean quick clear, great training.... It worked in 2 days on my 18 hand 3 year old percheron/thoroughbred paint. Cute kind of annoying thing now. He will even bend over and pick up the lead or lunge line on the ground and put it all the way into his mouth and cozy up to me for praize! :P

loved that trick at the end that will save me alot of hassle thank you.

thank you. this rlly helps

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