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Bridle Work Cue 2

Here is a good example of "Bridle Work"! This is the "CORE" component to regaining your confidence with horses. There are 8 essential cues that directly transfer to riding under saddle that you can teach right from the ground. We have iPhone apps or if you do not have a smart phone you may purchase a DVD and Pocket Guide to take with you to the arena.

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The Concepts of Trailer Loading

More education opportunities


The Concepts of Trailer Loading

Do not make trailer loading more difficult than it needs to be! There are many methods of teaching the horse how to load into a trailer, but success only comes when you understand the concepts, and the means. Once you understand the concepts, the horse will load himself.
What are the concepts?:

Horse issues:

  1. The horse does not respond to the forward cue.
  2. The horse has fear of things that move and make noise.
  3. The horse is the leader not the handler.
  4. The horse controls the handler's feet.
  5. The horse lacks respect

Handler issues:

  1. The handler lacks leadership.
  2. The handler lacks confidence.
  3. The handler has fear.
  4. Not breaking down the lesson into smaller pieces.
  5. The handler quits too soon.
  6. The handler lacks feel and timing.


  1. Approach and retreat.
  2. Make the trailer the resting place and outside the trailer work.
  3. Teach the horse to respond better to the go forward cue.
  4. Be as soft as possible and as firm as necessary. 
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