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Introduction to a Western Dressage Clinic

"Simplicity & Effectiveness are the Keys to Success"
IMG 1148 copynewThe Principles of Western Dressage are:
  1. Rhythm
  2. Relaxation
  3. Connection
  1. Impulsion
  2. Straightness
  3. Collection

"This is all you need to know about the principles of Western Dressage. "

"Do not make Western Dressage more technical than it needs to be! If we make training too technical, we will frustrate the rider and the horse."

2013 W.E. Dressage Test 2012 USEF Basic Test 1  2012 USEF Primary Test #2
 DressagePhaseScreenShot Western Dressage USEF Basic Test 1. What does 69.524 looks like   60212 Western Dressage USEF Primary Test 2. What does 80.926 looks like

IMG 1153 copy copy The main objectives of this clinic are:
  1. How to make practical application to Western Dressage concepts and principles.
  2. What are the aids we need?
  3. How do we use the aids?
  4. Does your horse show acceptance to the aids?
  1. Softness, using exercises to teach softness to your horse
  2. Balance, using exercises to help your horse to be in balance
  3. What is straightness?
  4. Troubleshooting

What does a Western Dressage Clinic include?

  1. Introduction to Western Dressage concepts, principles, and terms.(1 hour group riders meeting) 
  2. Introduction to what is expected in "WD Test" and what judges are looking for. (1 hour group riders meeting)
  3. Semi-private individual one-on-one lessons (30 minutes) 
  4. Group lesson, making practical application to the concepts learned earlier in the day. (3 hours) 

I don't consider a clinic successful until each rider has a firm understanding of the concepts of WD and we improved something with their horse. Regardless of how good we think our horses are, we still do not have a "Perfect Horse". Every horse can improve something and that is what I will do! "Guaranteed"
$250 per day per rider 

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Introduction to Western Dressage Clinic


10712 Rougemount Rd
Bahama, NC. 27503

Phone: 253-444-8946

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