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Western Dressage Clinics Problem Solving

"Problem Solving"
Not all training is easy, some times it gets messy before it gets better. Lets be effective with our training so we can have a good partnership with our horses.
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rearUp61new"We need to be as "FIRM" as nessasary, "SOFT" as possible, "REWARD" for the slightest try"
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                     Randy Byers Truth Revealed!

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"Rearing and flipping over backwards is the single most dangerous thing a horse can do!"

Why does a horse rear?
Rearing is a refusal to go forward or an evasion to your "go forward" aids or cues!""

How do you fix a rearing problem? 
Simply put, "keep the horse's feet moving in any direction except backwards!"  It is impossible for a horse to rear while in a canter. In the video at the bottom of the page you will find a  a detailed explanation of the two most common methods to fix this unwanted behavior. 

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Over the years, countless people and horses have been seriously injured or even killed by this type of unwanted behavior. This behavior is not to be taken lightly. A horse can go 6 different directions: forward, back, left, right, down, and UP! The truth is that it can happen at anytime without any warning from the horse or action on your part. If you have a horse that is starting to rear, seek help from a professional before you or your horse get seriously injured or even killed. "It is better to put a welt on the horse's butt than have the horse put you in the grave!"

Problem Solving


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